Mallory Explorer Scout Unit
Weekly Programme

Here are the details of our weekly programme. Sometimes dates and times change, so please check this page for the latest information.

Fireworks and Bonfire night
8 November 2018
Huge fireworks, huge bonfire!!
Guy Fawkes making competition
25 October 2018
For burning at our Bonfire night! School Hall.
Ready Steady Cook
18 October 2018
School playground.
Poker night
11 October 2018
DofE Assessment / Ready Steady Cook
4 October 2018
School Hall / playground.
27 September 2018
School Hall.
20 September 2018
See e-mail.
Articulate games
13 September 2018
If you have Articulate!, or any other fast and furious games, please bring!
1st night back
6 September 2018
Fun and games + have your say about this term's programme!
Water games
19 July 2018
Get lost !
12 July 2018
See e-mail.
Chariot racing
5 July 2018
School field.
Obstacle Course racing
28 June 2018
Cancelled due to football.
DofE expedition planning or bike skills night
21 June 2018
At the School.
Woodland bake-off
14 June 2018
See e-mail for details.
Fun Fair
7 June 2018
See e-mail for details.
DofE expedition launch
17 May 2018
Launch meet for everyone doing DofE expedition this year.
Wide-game in the woods for everyone else!
Fund Raising Award/ideas
10 May 2018
Six Summits kit check or Orienteering.
3 May 2018
Six Summits team, kit check at the School. Others, orienteering - see e-mail for details.
Trangia cook night
26 April 2018
Important if you doing Six Summits or DofE this year! If not, let the expeditioners cook stuff for you :-)
DIY camp menus
19 April 2018
School Hall.
Planning session
12 March 2018
Incident night
29 March 2018
Altar Fire cooking
22 March 2018
School Playground.
Wide Game
15 March 2018
Team Challenges
8 March 2018
A selection of fun challenges for teams of explorers to compete at.
Carol Singing
21 December 2017
See e-mail.
Christmas Show
14 December 2017
Ice Skating
7 December 2017
See e-mail.
X-mas show prep
30 November 2017
Wdie Game
23 November 2017
See e-mail.
Fireworks and Bonfire Night
2 November 2017
All the family welcome! Details will be e-mailed.
19 October 2017
It's your party, and you can cry if you want to.
Rock Up
12 October 2017
Weird & creative stuff to climb up. Details will be e-mailed.
Competition involving balls
5 October 2017
School field.
Wide Game
28 September 2017
See e-mail for details.
Stand Up Paddleboarding
21 September 2017
See e-mail for details.
Games + programme ideas
7 September 2017
1st night back. Games + have your say on this years' programme!
Cycle ride
13 July 2017
See e-mail for details.
Bike challenge night
22 June 2017
School field. See e-mail for details.
Field games
15 June 2017
Page last updated
28th February 2017
At indoor wall in Moseley. Talk to Harvey if you're interested.
Talk to Harvey if you fancy it.
Stand Up Paddleboarding
21 September 2017
For Year 10's.
Dragon Boating
25 May 2017
Planning meeting
24 April 2017
Stand Up Paddleboarding
6 April 2017
Early time - going by train!
30 March 2017
Virtual Reality Headsets
23 March 2017
16 March 2017
Craig hunt
9 March 2017
Out and about somewhere! See email from Craig for details.
Pancake night
2 March 2017
Planning session
23 February 2017
Emergency aid
16 February 2017
9 February 2017
Golf driving range - TBC
2 February 2017
Cocktail making
26 January 2017
Night Hike
19 January 2016
See e-mail for details. Bring coat, boots, torch. Uniform not required.
Games night
12 January 2017
Planning session
5 January 2017
Carol Singing
22 December 2016
Make a game
15 December 2016
Teams have to invent and make a game using the materials provided, and then everyone plays them!
Fire safety
8 Secember 2016
Find the Leader
1 December 2016
Follow clues posted on the internet to track down an escaped Explorer leader - we can't afford to let any more of them escape!!
Cocktail making
24 November 2016
Proper training in the art!
Climbing - NICAS
17 November 2016
3rd session to complete NICAS award.
Drum Workshop
10 November 2016
School Gym. (Football Zorbing postponed due to college open evening.)
Bonfire & Fireworks Night
3 November 2016
At Tidbury Green. See e-mail week before for invite & details.
Programme planning
27 October 2016
Guy Fawkes making
20 October 2016
Competition, before burning them at bonfire night.
Ice Skating
13 October 2016
Operation Monkspath
6 October 2016
Practice your escape and evasion before Operation Chameleon!
Climbing - NICAS
29 September 2016
2nd session towards NICAS award.
Obstacle course race
22 September 2016
Full-on challenge, at the centre we did wakeboarding at.
Climbing - NICAS
15 September 2016
Opportunity to gain the NICAS award.
8 September 2016
School field.
Planning meeting
2 August 2016
Sarah's House.
Backwoods cooking
21 July 2016
Excuse for a fire in the woods. Meet in car park next to woods at 7:30pm. See e-mail for details.
14 July 2016
Energetic challenges on the school field.
Car Mechanics
7 July 2016
30 June 2016
See e-mail for details. Bring bikes and helmets!
23 June 2016
Build a fully working counterweight trebuchet, and fire stuff with it.
Take a hike
16 June 2016
The Explorers will be dropped off in one location, and challenged to find their way to another.
Rocket launchers.
9 June 2016
Please bring 2 litre pop bottles to jump on!
Climbing, Scootering & BMXing
26 May 2016
Ready Steady Cook!
19 May 2016
Incident Hike
12 May 2016
See e-mail for location & details.
Incident hike devising/trials
5 May 2016
28 April 2016
St George's Wide Game
21 April 2016
Programme planning
Tue 19 April 2016
Sarah's house.
Let there be light!
14 April 2016
Your chance to have a go at wiring up a mains electric lighting circuit. We might test it out with lower voltage before you blow yourselves up..... (Ever wondered how the switch on the landing knows what the one downstairs is doing?)
Irish shenanigans!
17 March 2016
Since it's St Patrick's day ... a bunch of lively, Irish themed, competitive shenanigans.
Mountain bike repairs
10 March 2016
Fixing some bikes, and fixing up to get Mountain Biking Badge!
Alex's fun Welsh night.
3 March 2016
A bit of light relief!
25 February 2016
A circus of lively, fun, energetic and entertaining challenges.
Programme planning
18 February 2016
Sarah's house.
Balloon modelling (twisting).
11 February 2016
School gym.
DofE workshop.
4 February 2016
DofE workshop.
Young leaders training scouts.
Expedition emergency training
28 January 2016
School gym.
Flaming torch launchers
21 January 2016
Your challenge is to fire a burning torch (of the traditional, paraffin soaked variety) at a distant target you have to hit to set fire to .... creating a streak of flames across the clear, black sky.
Bring a battery powered torch to see what you're doing at start of evening, and dress warm.
Night Hike
14 January 2016
See e-mail.
Programme planning
12 January 2016
Sarah's house.
Christmas Tree Burning !
7 January 2016
Bring a Christmas tree.....
Carol Singing
Tue 22 Dec 2015
See facebook event & e-mail for details.
Christmas Party !
17 December 2015
Jules & Lizzie's Christmas Party !
Wide Game
10 December 2015
With a creative and seasonal theme!!
3 December 2014
Shooting, archery, climbing.
Make sure you book!! See e-mail for details.
DofE presentation
26 November 2015
And some games!
Patrick's night!
19 November 2015 school Hall.
(+DofE presentation rehearsal & presentation skills training)
Challenges / DofE pres prep
12 November 2015
At the School. Some tricky physical challenges for you! (DofE team preparing their presentation.)
Bonfire Night
5 November 2015
See e-mail.
Uganda presentation
22 October 2015
15 October 2015
Shooting, archery, climbing.
Navigation challenge hike
8 October 2015
Cooking Competition
1 October 2015
On Trangias!! To hone those expedition skills.
DofE team = expedition assessment.
Laser Quest
24 September 2015
Circuit challenges
17 September 2015
Games & activity choices
10 September 2015
Session to think about what activities to do in coming year.
Wed 2 Sept 2015
Planning meeting
Sarah's house.
BBQ & games on field
16 July 2015
Geocaching / DofE expedition planning.
9 July 2015
Survival skills training
2 July 2015
In the woods...for survival camp in Autumn, and Survival Skills Activity Badge.
25 June 2015
See e-mail an book via Eventwax.
Cycle Challenge night
18 June 2015
See e-mail for details. Meet at the park with a bike + helmet. Uniform not required.
Golf driving range
11 June 2015
Including some tuition from the club Pro on the putting green and the pitching practice area.
Survival skills training
4 June 2015
In the woods...for survival camp in Autumn, and Survival Skills Activity Badge.
Planning meeting
Wed 27 May 2015
Climbing, Scootering, BMXing
21 May 2015
Look out for e-mail with on-line booking details.
Chip Shop Challenge / Supermarket Sweep
14 May 2015
Chip Shop Challenge - teams will identify the tip Top Chip Shop!
Supermarket Sweep, for the Troop Camp Patrols.
Election / Troop Camp food / Incidents
7 May 2015
Election special
Troop Camp food planning
Incident night
DofE expedition planning.
Incident prep / Six Summits kit-check / Uganda training
30 April 2015
Six Summits kit check
Incident invention for next week's incident night
Uganda team training.
23 April 2015
Trangia hike (expedition skills).
Cycle Challenge
16 April 2015
Bring your bike!
(Uganda team prep session.)
Planning meeting
9 April 2015
Sarah's House.
Games night
26 March 2015
+ have your say with programme ideas for next term!
Exotic animals
19 March 2015
Exotic animals will be visiting - Snake, Meerkat, Kookaburra, Chinchilla, Owl, Lizard - for you to see, stroke and learn about.
Wide game
12 March 2015
Hungry Hippos...
5 March 2015
Chinese New Year
26 February 2015
OK, a week late, but they're gonna start it in half term aint they!
Half Term
19 February 2014
No meet.
Ice Skating
12 February 2015
DofE silver session
5 February 2015 'launch' those starting their DofE Silver this year, & check on progress for those currently underway.
Resus refresh
29 January 2015
Bringing resuscitation to life.
And introducing our new 'mini-annies'!
22 January 2015
Yup, with bows and arrows and targets to shoot at!
Night Hike
15 January 2015
Practice for THE Night Hike on 31st January!.
Planning session
8 January 2015
Would you like to join the Explorers' Committee, and let us know your ideas for activities to plan?
Round table fund-raising collection
18 December 2014
See e-mail from Ian re joining this fund-raising evening.
X-mas Ents
11 December 2014
Christmas entertainments evening! All the family welcome. Sketches, photo-shows, competitions, etc.
Round table fund-raising collection
4 December 2014
See e-mail from Ian re joining this fund-raising evening.
German Market
27 November 2014
Look out for details on e-mail!
Fish'n Chip Thursday
20 November 2014
Social evening for all family and friends of the Group. The more the merrier! See e-mail invite for details.
Talent Night
13 November 2014
Please come along with anything you could perform or entertain each other with! Instrument you can play, music you’ve been practising, dance routine, juggling act, comedy sketch, magic tricks, etc, etc, etc....
Bonfire night
6 November 2014
All the family welcome!
Zombie night
23 October 2014
Do you want to see something really scary?
Planning session
22 October 2014
Note this is a Wednesday (before half term)! Sarah's House. Would you like to join the Explorers' Committee?
Land Rover factory tour
16 October 2014
7:20pm. See e-mails for details. PLEASE BOOK ASAP!!!!
Laser Quest
9 October 2014
See e-mail for details.
Marble run
2 October 2014
Incident hike
25 September 2014
See e-mail.
Incident hike devising/trials
18 September 2014
Come up with some challenges for an incident hike for the scouts next week ..... and of course challenge each other to do them!
11 September 2014
... + some outdoor games, and a chat about what you'd like in the coming year's programme.
Planning session
10 September 2014
Sarah's House. Explorer Committee. Would you like to join?
Field challenges
17 July 2014
On the Uniform not required.
Dragon Boating!!
10 July 2014
Yes, really! On boats in the river :-) And you get a badge for it too! See invitation sent by e-mail for details & how to book.
BBQ in woods
3 July 2014
Excuse to chill-out round a fire in the woods!
Stand-up Paddleboarding
26 June 2014
See e-mail with details and for how to book.
19 June 2014
See e-mail for details.
Nature reserve
12 June 2014
Fresh-air exam relief ramble. Details by e-mail on Wednesday.
Solihull Carnival
5 June 2014
See e-mail for details.
Planning session
29 May 2014
Sarah's House. Explorer Committee. Would you like to join?
22 May 2014
See e-mail for details, and make sure you reply as limited places! (Uniform not required.)
15 May 2014
Watch out for e-mail with details!
Live-wire challenge
8 May 2014
Shocking exclusive!!
School Hall
Bike maintenance
1 May 2014
School Hall.
Planning session
24 April 2014
Sarah's House. Explorer Committee.
Patrick's night
10 April 2014
Woods night
3 April 2014
Come and catch up with a fire in the woods
Ready Steady Cook - the next level!
27 March 2014
Explorers will be taking the Ready Steady Cook challenge up a notch - details will follow
St Patrick's Night
20 March 2014
Come and join in the Irish dancing and look for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow maybe. Leprechaun outfits optional....(uniform still required!)
Expedition skills
13 March 2014
Learn some of the skills necessary to expedition in the British wilderness
Planet Walk
6 March 2014
Walk the solar system in one evening! Details will follow via email
Laser Quest
27 February 2014
Planning session
20 February 2014
Harvey's house. Explorer Committee.
13 February 2014
Emergency aid
6 February 2014
Chinese New Year
30 January 2014
An extravaganza of Chinese entertainment!
Night Hike
23 January 2014
Practice for the real thing - or come anyway!
1st night back
16 January 2014
Planning session
9 January 2014
Harvey's house. Explorer Committee only!
Carol singing
19 December 2013
Come have some festive fun - and help raise funds for our new stores.
Scooter, skate-board, BMX, Climbing
12 December 2013
At Creation.
DofE presentation, show rehearsal, x-mas dec's
5 December 2013
DofE expedition presentations
X-mas show rehearsal
Christmas decoration making.
Map attack, SCUBA
28 November 2013
Map attack!
SCUBA diving
Presentation skills & DofE rehearsal.
1st Aid, show, SCUBA
21 November 2013
Alternative 1st aid night
Christmas show prep
SCUBA diving.
DofE presentation prep
19th November 2013
DofE presentation preparation - team LightSwitch. Harvey's house.
Christmas show ideas .... or get knotted!
14 November 2013
At the school.
DofE presentation prep
11th November 2013
DofE presentation preparation - team Malibu. Harvey's house.
Fireworks & Bonfire Night
7 November 2013
Huge fireworks, huge fire. Look out for details on e-mail. Explorers to arrive 7:30pm.
Planning session
31 October 2013
Harvey's house. Explorer Committee only!
Halloween night!
24 October 2013
In the woods. Come in costume if you can :-)
17 October 2013
(Not on a board....)
Also, "Stores Wars" parents' meeting.
Jules' Cultural night!
10 October 2013
At the school.
Ice Skating
3 October 2013
26 September 2013
For DofE teams - expedition plan assessments.
"International Talk Like A Pirate Day" wide-game
19 September 2013
Aarrggghhh the details are on e-mail so they be.
Loads of things in one night!!
12 September 2013
Featuring James' ball skills, and with guest star Chris Ashford talking about what it took to achieve success in the Iron Man challenge (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile cycle and 26.2 mile run in 9.5 hours). Plus CV/personal-statement writing workshop. And a quick chat re Gold DofE.
Planning session
5 September 2013
Harvey's house. Explorer Committee only!
18 July 2013
Patrick organizing!
11 July 2013
7pm - 9:30pm. See invite e-mailed for details.
DofE teams meeting at School to plan expedition.
The Slightly Peckish Games
4 July 2013
See e-mail for which woods will be held in and other details.
Ready Steady Cook!
27 June 2013
Will be outside, so bring coat if cold.
20 June 2013
Sporty type challenges out on the field. Bring coat if cold or wet.
Photo-fit field frollicks
13 June 2013
...out on the field.
+ Planning session for DofE expedition teams.
Archery & Fencing
6 June 2013
Meet playground, 7:30pm.
Planning meet.
5 June 2013
Cooking on fires.
23 May 2013
In the woods!
Wide Game
16 May 2013
Wide Game, see e-mail for location & details. Dress according to weather - uniform not required. Meet 7:30pm, pick-up 9:30pm.
Carpentry - Bird boxes
9 May 2013
Using only the dangerous tools and B&Q wood off-cuts provided, create a home for the birds in your garden to nest in this spring!
Scouting skills
2 May 2013
e.g. use of Trangias for expedition cooking. Outside for most of night, so please bring a warm coat. Meet in uniform in gym as usual.
Golf Driving Range
25 April 2013
Rockets, games, skills
18 April 2013
Rocket launchers, games & a bit of skills training.
Planning Meeting
11 April 2013
Explorer Committee only!
21 March 2013
At the school.
Disaster night.
14 March 2013
Explorers will stage dramatic accidents involving multiple dying casualties. Scouts will rush in to deal with the indicents, but how many of you will they save?!
"Fruit salad"
7 March 2013
At the school.
Spaghetti Engineering
28 February 2013
A Stanway challenge!
Valentines party
14 February 2013
Is this the night that Tom's wish will come true?
Incident night
7 February 2013
Many nasty accidents are going to happen to you on this night. Can the scouts save you from death?
Night Hike
31 January 2013
To practice for the County night hike!
Film / Burns Night
24 January 2013
Choice of Chill/Film night, or our Scottish themed celebration of Burns Night. Parents welcome to come to Burns night - see e-mail for details.
Laser Quest
17 January 2013
Meet 7pm. See e-mail for details.
1st Night back.
10 January 2013
Jannine & Sarah's "Physical Games".
Planning Meeting
3rd January 2013
Explorer Committee only!
Carol Singing.
20 December 2012
See facebook event for details.
Christmas Show
13 December 2012
Talent night.
6 December 2012
Anyone with anything to perform/entertain, please bring! Especially if it's something you could do at the Christmas show.
Food challenge night, DofE presentations
29 November 2012
BMXing, Skateboarding, Climbing
22 November 2012
At Creation.
Quiz Night
15 November 2012
Quiz Night
(DofE teams rehearsing presentation)
Fireworks & Bonfire night!
8th November 2012
See e-mail for details.
Planning Meeting
1 November 2012
Guy-Fawkes like leaders competition
25 October 2012
(Meeting at the School) Competition to make Guy-Fawkes with likeness of leaders, and guess which leader other teams have made. Your patrol will need to bring in suitable clothes, stuffing, etc. We will burn them at the bonfire night on 8th Nov!
Ice Skating
27 September 2012
Ready steady cook!
20 September 2012
Teams compete to create tasty meals from ingredients provided.
1st night back.
13 September 2012
19 July 2012
End of Term Disco, featuring DJ Louis, girl power from Jules & Lizzie, and lights by Steve.
DofE expedition planning
12 July 2012
If not on thsi year's expeditoin .... then there's wide game!
Shooting / fencing / archery.
5 July 2012
Rotated over three evenings. Please check e-mail for group allocations and make sure you know which activity you're doing and where you need to be.
Volley Ball + DofE planning
28 June 2012
Practice for Malvern Challenge and Sun Run! Plus water-wide-game. Plus DofE expedition planning.
DofE expedition planning
21 June 2011
Shooting / fencing / archery
14 June 2012
Rotated over three evenings. Please check e-mail for group allocations and make sure you know which activity you're doing and where you need to be.
Golf driving range
31 May 2012
Half term - no meet.
7 June 2012
Shooting / fencing / archery
24 May 2012
Rotated over three evenings. Please check e-mail for group allocations and make sure you know which activity you're doing and where you need to be.
17 May 2012
At the bowling alley! See e-mail for details.
Moutaineering expedition review
10 May 2012
See where you hiked, "fly" the route, count the peaks summitted, see the photos.
Expedition kit check or rope-ladder/pioneering
3 May 2012
Wild-camping mountaineering expedition kit check/pack (for participants).
Everyone else: Rope ladder & pioneering competition - bring coat as will be outside!
Bike maintainance
26 April 2012
Demos & practice at adjusting/servicing/lubricating stuff to keep your bike running nicely. (If your bike's in need of maintainance, bring it along!)
Night in woods
5 April 2012
Fire & stuff.
Oh know knot again!!
29 March 2012
Wide game.
22 March 2012
Rubbish modelling & trash fashion
15 March 2012
Design and make your own fabulous outfits from 'unusual' materials ... and model them!
Climbing and BMXing
8 March 2012
For those who've booked. See e-mail for details.
Orienteering challenge + field game.
1 March 2012
Clock orienteering competition (Practice those navigation skills for the night hike!) and mini wide-game.
Pancake Night
23 February 2012
Half term - no meet.
16 February 2012
Night hike
9 February 2012
During which you'll also be training younger scouts for The District Night Hike!
Training preparation
2 February 2012
Explorers will be leading teams around next week's night hike, and training them navigation and compass skills. This week will be about making sure you're prepared, and slick with everything you're going to teach!
Laser Quest
26 January 2012
See e-mail for details. 7pm-9:15pm.
Camp presentations
19 January 2012
Poster show and presentations about the years' main camps, to promote them to anyone not been and encourage lots of people to go!
1st night back after Christmas
12 January 2012
Preparation of displays on camps to show new members what they shoud sign up for this year!
X-mas 'do'.
15 December 2011
Leadership training
8 December 2011
Leadership training module.
And maybe some conker fights after....
Wide game
1 December 2011
Ice skating.
24 November 2011
See e-mail for details.
DofE presentation & games.
17 November 2011
Ready Steady Cook!
10 November 2011
On BBQ's outside, so bring torch and coat!
Fireworks and Bonfire night.
3 November 2011
Planning Meeting
27 October 2011
Orienteering challenge
20 October 2011
See e-mail for details.
Team challenge night
13 October 2011
Skiing & boarding
6 October 2011
Wide game
29 September 2011
22 September 2011
This is traditional scout-style quoits - pairs of teams will play each other across nets in four courts.
Team games.
15 September 2011
First night back!
Programme planning
8 September 2011
Games & BBQ night.
21 July 2011
High Ropes, Grass sledging or Orienteering.
14 July 2011
At Blackwell Adventure.
Backwoods cooking.
7 July 2011
Excuse for a fire in the woods!
High Ropes, Grass sledging or Orienteering.
30 June 2011
At Blackwell Adventure.
+ DofE expedition preparation.
First Aid training.
23 June 2011
Proper training, manikins and everything!
High Ropes, Grass sledging or Orienteering.
16 June 2011
At Blackwell Adventure.
+ DofE expedition preparation.
Wide games.
9 June 2011
Plus Emma's Himalayas slide-show. (+ DofE expedition preparation.)
Half term - no meet.
2 June 2011
Shooting, Archery or Cycling
26 May 2011
Shooting, Archery or Cycling. Please read e-mail to see where you're invited each night, and please DO NOT turn up at any of the sessions you're not invited to!!
Shooting, Archery or Cycling
19 May 2011
Shooting, Archery or Cycling. Please read e-mail to see where you're invited each night, and please DO NOT turn up at any of the sessions you're not invited to!!
Shooting, Archery or Cycling
12 May 2011
Shooting, Archery or Cycling. Please read e-mail to see where you're invited each night, and please DO NOT turn up at any of the sessions you're not invited to!!
1st night back
5 May 2011
At the school. (Note no scouts on 28th April, except for back-packers' kit-check).
Scotland back-packing expedition kit-check.
28 April 2011
Programme planning
3 May 2011
Explorers Committee.
Livvy goes International
7 April 2011
Car mechanics
31 March 2011
A guided tour of The Volvo engine bay.....
Art thing
24 March 2011
James get arty with you.....
Mario Cart Tournement
17 March 2011
Shrove Thursday
10 March 2011
Pancakes ... what else?!
Games Night.
3 March 2011
Night Hike practice
17 February 2011
Kirk's Carpentry
10 February 2011
Come and learn from people who have the tools, and are not afraid to use them!
3 February 2011
Nathan's night & DofE presentation / SCUBA diving
27 January 2011
This year's team have got a good presentation prepared - come and support!
SCUBA diving for those booked/allocated for this night.
Challenges or SCUBA
20 January 2011
Patrol Leaders' Challenges.
SCUBA diving for those booked/allocated for this night.
Orphanage slide show, push-card design - or SCUBA diving
13 January 2011
Hannah's slide-show from Ugandan Orphanage visit.
Push cart design.
SCUBA diving for those booked/allocated for this night.
Programme planning
6 January 2011
Explorers Committee - rest start back next week!
Christmas Show
16 December 2010
X-mas show prep / A Noton Night
2 December 2010
X-mas show preparation for those involved.
Andy Noton style competition for those not!
The Hunt for Red October
25 November 2010
Running a creative game/challenge for the scouts where they have to use the compass skills learned the week before to find .... " Bring a very warm coat, gloves, hat, etc and PLEASE BRING A TORCH.
Wii dancing.
18 November 2010
Ice Skating
11 November 2011
See e-mailed invite for details.
Bonfire & FIREWORKS night
4 November 2011
At the woods.
All family welcome.
See e-mail for details.
Programme planning
Tue 26 October 2011
Note this is a TUESDAY!!
Flaming Ballistas
21 October 2011
See who's ballista can shoot a burning torch the furthest! (Bring warm coat and electric torch.)
+ Surprise visit from Victoria who runs Ugandan Orphanage, to tell us about the success of the poultry project we've raised money for!
Theatre Night
14 October 2011
Barney's night.
Scout Circus
7 October 2011
30 September 2010
Ask Livvy what that means!
23 September 2010
16 September 2010
Guitar hero
9 September 2010
Steve Backshall visit
7 September 2010
Camp fire with a "Really Wild" TV celebrity!
Planning Meeting
2 September 2010
Explorers Committee - rest start back next week!
Shooting something.
22 July 2010
Stu organizing!
Store Wars
15 July 2010
Lode Lane.
Wide Game
8 July 2010
In park.
Disaster II
1 July 2010
Following all the disasters at Adam's previous night, everyone thought it would be a good idea to repeat it! The disasters were quality last time, "sick" in fact, but this time the accidents will be even more dramatic.
Fire & Food
24 June 2010
In District Woods. Meet car-park 7:30-9:30.
Air rifle shooting & Pedal Go-Karting
17 June 2010
Which ever you didn't do on the 10th! See e-mail for details.
Air rifle shooting & Pedal Go-Karting
10 June 2010
See e-mail for details.
Planning Meeting
3 June 2010
Disaster Night
27 May 2010
Something terrible will happen to you, but it's OK, 'cause the scouts will save you!! (Fake blood supplied if you'd rather not spill your own....)
Skiing at Ackers
20 May 2010
See e-mailed internet links for details and to book.
Street dancing!
13 May 2010
Instructor coming specially to teach us a street dancing routine! And if you want, you can then take part in massive session at Birmingham Dance Festival on the Saturday!
6 May 2010
At the school.
Ready Steady Cook
29 April 2010
Meet at School. Might go outside!
Medieval games
22 April 2010
Castle attack (ballisters), jousting...
In and outside school.
Planning Meeting
15 April 2010
Easter Egg Hunt
1 April 2010
Camp fire
25 March 2010
Multi activity night
18 March 2010
Wide game
11 March 2010
Birthday Party!
4th March 2010
Night hike
25 February 2010
See e-mails for details!
Pancake Night
11 February 2010
Ice Skating
4 February 2010
Crystal Maze
28 January 2010
What creative challenges can you set for the scouts?
DofE workshop & Hot Air Balloons
21 January 2010
DofE workshop - whether you've nearly finished Silver, or are interested in starting, the leader team will be there to help you!

Up, up and away, with your beautiful balloons - which you'll make for this competition and float into the sky....
First night back!
14 January 2010
2009 Photo Show + Games Night. Parents welcome to photo-show at 9pm!
Programme planning
7 January 2010
Explorers Committee programme planning meeting - school classroom.
Christmas Show!
17 December 2009
Ballisters & Show rehearsing
10 December 2009
Fire throwing ballisters.
Christmas Show final rehearsal.
Swimming / Life-saving
3 December 2009
The whole swimming pool will be booked out for Jacqueline and her team of instructors to teach everyone life-saving techniques!
Paul's Balls
26 November 2009
This is an ingenious competition requiring each team to have balls of steel.
Christmas show rehearsing for those performing.
X-mas show ideas
19 November 2009
Christmas Show Creative brain storm - have a think of ideas!
Totally Wiped Out!
12 November 2009
Very energetic challenges!
Bonfire and fireworks night
5 November 2009
22 January 2009
Night-hike as practice for THE Night Hike on 24th.
1st night of term.
15 January 2009
1st night back for all Explorers.
Programme planning
School classroom
Explorer Programme planning session - committee only!
Christmas show
18 December 2008
Bring your family!
Games & rehearsals
11 December 2008
Games and challenges.
(Christmas show performers rehearse.)
Noton Superstar Challenges
4 December 2008
.....unless this was on 20th Nov, in which case wide-game on field.
(Christmas show performers rehearse.)
Bicycle maintainance night
27 November 2008
Bring your bike!!
(Christmas show performers rehearse.)
Wide game
20 November 2008
Wide game on field, unless foul weather in which case Noton Superstar Challenges.
(Christmas show performers rehearse.)
Uganda night
13 November 2008
Slide show from Uganda
+ Cast the performances for Christmas show.
Bonfire & Fireworks Night.
6 November 2008
Please see the two e-mails for details, directions, what to bring, times, etc. Arrive 7:30. Old-clothes and boots.
Fire & tracking night in woods
23 October 2008
Location map for woods in members area. Uniform not required - dress up warm!
"Cooking" challenge
16 October 2008
Not your ordinary cookign challenge - see what you can do with some "interesting" ingredients....
Fun & choice
9 October 2008
Fun & games, plus find out how you're gonn'a get to plan your own programme from now onwards!!
DofE expedition presentations!
2 October 2008
Presentation skills / Incident challenges
25 September 2008
Steve's famous presentation skills training for DofE teams. Rest = incident challenges.
DofE prepare presentation + wide-game
18 September 2008
See claire re DofE. Non DofE = wide-game - venue TBA.
DofE prepare presentation + games
11 September 2008
Planning Meeting
4 September 2008
Young Leaders. School Classroom
DofE expo plans assessement
17 July 2008
6:30-7:30 = assessments. Rest of night - TBD - programme changed since have offer of 'proper' morris dancers to come in and run a night in autumn!
Incident Challenge Night
10 July 2008
At District Woods.
Back-woods cooking
3 July 2008
At District woods - see e-mail. Directions to woods also in members documents section. Meet 7:30, collect 9:15-9:30. Old clothes (non-uniform).
(YL's + Giles + Dan plan challenges for 10th)
DofE expo planning + Orienteering
26 June 2008
Orienteering [Alex+Jen].
DofE expedition planning.
All at the school.
Wide Game
19 June 2008
In School Field. Chris + YL's organizing.
DofE expo's + BMX/Skating
12 June 2008
DofE expedition planning at School. BMX/Skating at Moseley - meet 6:30pm at school - see e-mail.
DofE expedition planning
5 June 2008
DofE expedition planning at School. Everyone else - Solihull Carnival - see e-mail.
Planning meeting
29 May 2008
School Classroom.
DofE expedition planning + 'Trading post' challenges
22 May 2008
DofE teams planning expedition.
For everyone else, a collection of creative challenges you have to 'buy' stuff to complete, and 'earn' money for if you succede - in competition with other teams. You might even get to set fire to something!
Expedition planning or Sporting challenges
15 May 2008
DofE teams will be planning expedition with Claire. Everyone else sporting challenges on school field.
Share Fayre
8 May 2008
Show and tell of the year's camps - see what you want to go on!
Six Summits Kit Check.
1 May 2008
Six Summits Kit Check. Steve + PL's prepare 'Share Fayre'. Etc
Wide game
24 April 2008
Ready Steady Cook!
17 April 2008
Expedition planning
10 April 2008
DofE teams = planning expedition.
Programme planning
3 April 2008
School classroom
Kirsty's international Fayre!
20 March 2008
Plus archery for a few of the oldest Explorers & Young Leaders.
Take a walk on the wild side
13 March 2008
Night incident hike. Meet outside usual pub at 7:15, collection 9:30. Bring boots, warm & waterproof coat, hat, gloves, torch. Uniform not required. (N.B. Chase Walk teams meeting at School.)
Ice Skating
6 March 2008
Meet at Lode Lane rink 7:15, collect 9:40pm. Bring £4, thick socks, gloves.
Patrick's night...
28 February 2008
Morris Dancing or other crazyness organized by Patrick.
Young Leaders plan incident challenges for 13th March.
Skills night
21 February 2008
Some essential expedition planning skills.
Programme planning
14 February 2008
7:30pm, school classroom.
7 February 2008
Setting up disaster simulation for scouts to deal with. Bring suitable props to help you set up gory accident!
Fashion/Art Festival
31 January 2008
Explorers+rubbish = glamourous fashion models!
Wide Game
24 January 2008
17 January 2008
Swimming + gala team selection. Check out the new pool! Half of it reserved for our exclusive use. Meet 7:30 with £1.
Survival Challenge bases
10 January 2008
Note we in hall not gym!
Need to sort what we're entering for swimming gala, so please find out before you come whether you can take part on 19th, 7:30pm.
Programme planning
3 January 2008
7:30pm, school classroom.
Christmas Party!
20 December 2007
Families welcome!
Climbing + Ballisters
13 December 2007
Years 9&10: Climbing - meet 6:30!
Years 11&12: Ballister type competition
Climbing + Balloons
6 December 2007
Years 9&10: Hot air balloons
Years 11&12: Climbing - meet 6:30!
Communication Challenge
29 November 2007
Balloon twisting
22 November 2007
BALLOON MAN!! Learn how to twist balloons into models, etc.
Leadership training + ballisters
15 November 2007
Years 9&10: Ballister type competition
Years 11&12: Leadership training
Bonfire & Fireworks Night
8 November 2007
Massive piromania extraviganza.
DofE presentation + pumpkins
1 November 2007
Pumpkin carving competition!
Plus find out what the DofE team did over the summer.
Programme planning
25 October 2007
7:30pm, School class-room.
4 October 2007
Fundraising + buying food for Longridge.
Longridge Menu Planning
27 September 2007
Plus Mort-Bags
Wide game
20 September 2007
Hash's balls in buckets
Meet 7:30 outside usual pub/school. Collect 9:30pm. Wear old and perhaps warm or waterproof clothes, boots, etc. (Uniform is not required.)
Fun & Fotos
13 September 2007
Games, Photos, DofE presentation planning, etc.
Planning meeting
6 September 2007
7:30pm, School class-room.
Crane challenge
19 July 2007
Build a crane ....
(+ also DofE expo assessment.)
Wide Game
12 July 2007
Pakistani cookery
5 July 2007
Learn to cook things I can't spell !
(Outdoors - under shelter, but bring rain-coat!)
28 June 2007
Launching contraption is just another excuse to use Steve's pipes.
Cycle ride
21 June 2007
A cycle ride along a pre-prepared route around the Solihull area.
Please bring a bike (in good working order) and HELMET (you will not be able to take part without a helmet).
Meet at the car park of Malvern Park at 7.30. The entrance to the car park is by St Alphege church.
Please come wearing sensible shoes and clothes you don't mind getting slightly muddy or wet in (Uniform not required).
You need to be picked up from Malvern Park car park at 9.15pm.
14 June 2007
6 crazy, energetic OUTDOOR challenges
Carnival !
7 June 2007
Meet 7:30 in the Monkspath Hall Rd car park near to entrance by new roundabout.
Leaders' meeting
31 May 2007
7:30pm, School class-room.
31 May 2007
Will be outside on field. Ben has been polishing one since August in preparation for this....
17 May 2007
Stu & Matt's wide game will be competitive and energetic!
Fair Trade
10 May 2007
International trading game.
Marble Run
3 May 2007
Steve's lost his marbles. Can you help build a contraption to save him?
Also Six Summits Kit sorting, and DofE summer expedition team meet.
26 April 2007
Planning meeting
19 April 2007
7:30pm, School class-room.
Arty experiences II
29 March 2007
Swap activities from previous "arty" week. + SELECTION OF NIGHT HIKE TEAMS
22 March 2007
Night-hike. Meet at Park 7:30, collect 9:30. Bring boots for muddiness, warm/waterproof coat, torch. Uniform not required.
Arty experiences + Leadership module
15 March 2007
"Musical" instruments for non-musical scouts, or something creative involving sheets, colour, warmth, compassion, pain, dependency ... ask Spaden...
+Young Leader Training Module.
Wide game!
8 March 2007
Meet usual spot between pub & school 7:30. Collect 9:30pm. Bring old/warm/waterproof clothes, wellies, torch.
Car Mechanics II
1 March 2007
No you can't bring Spaden's car indoors.
Team challenges
22 February 2007
Don't let the snakes bite you, spill the water or loose your sheep...
Leaders' meeting,
15 February 2007
7:30pm, School class-room.
Car Mechanics + Snowmen + snowball-fight
8 February 2007
Golf driving range
1 February 2007
Tidbury Green - see e-mailed letter for details.
Activity challenge bases
25 January 2007
Daft challenges such as human pyramid, squeezes, super-hero costumes, pea transport, moon-survival, back-to-back standing.
International night.
18 January 2007
To kick off the Centenerary Year !
11 January 2007
A whole bunch of lively fun stuff outside and in - bring warm coat for outside.
Leaders' meeting
4 January 2007
7:30pm, School class-room.
14 December 2006
8pm–9:30pm, St Peter’s main hall
Scouts from 7pm to prepare.

Comedy sketches
There has been a recent spate of Nursery Crimes, and another wave at the sea-side, but Inspector Thinkalot is on the case in the hopes of getting it closed. Meanwhile we won’t be showing the full Monty, but a little Python for those who are partial!

Slide show
A selection of all the best photos from the whole year – come and see what your son/daughter/friends/selves have been up to on our action packed camps.

Our Merry Band wish it could be Christmas every day.


X-mas show rehearsal
7 December 2006
The night to put the polish on an unbeleivably professional show. No one will beleive it. Learn your scripts before you lose them...
X-mas show rehearsal
30 November 2006
Last year we had a swubbrery. This year I'd like a small water feature...
Obstacle courses
23 November 2006
Obstacle courses - build one to challenge your opposing team!! We'll be outside on field all night, so please bring a torch and come dressed warmly/dryly in footwear you can run about on a muddy field in (uniform not required.)
Leadership training
16 November 2006
Young Leader module for DofE bods. Loz's debatable challenges for everyone else.
Bonfire Night
9 November 2006
Guy Fawkes and everything!
X-mas show prep
2 November 2006
An evenign of creative genious which will result in a quality x-mas show this year.
Leaders' meeting
26 October 2006
7:30pm, School class-room.
Treasure hunt wide-game
19 October 2006
We will meet at the car park opposite the Red Lion pub at 7:30, and return there at 9:30pm. Uniform not required - wear clothes suitable for the weather and dashing around potentially muddy woods. See e-mail for map reference.
Cooking competition
12 October 2006
Fish frenzy and creative cooking competition. Maybe also involving some recently alive rabbits....
DofE presentation & games
5 October 2006
This years DofE team will astound and entertain us with the unique success of their expedition. And then we can run about vigourously for the rest of the night!
Show creation
28 September 2006
This year there will be a real show at the end of term. Tonight, the creative phase of generating ideas, casting performers, etc, etc, will start, because we have huge talent in the Unit, and we're not afraid to use it.

DofE team rehearse presentation + presentation skills training.
Wide Game
21 September 2006
Location to be anounced by Alex.
Party Night
14 September 2006
Adam & Matt are leaving, so this creative duo will engage us in daftness in a way only they could...
Leaders' meeting
7 September 2006
7:30pm, School class-room.
EPIC skate park
13 July 2006
BMX'ing, boarding, blading. Instruction for novices. All kit provided!
DofE expedition planning
22 June 2006
Flame throwers
6 April 2006
Competition to build the best device for firing burning torches through the darkness at highly flammable targets
Please bring:-
- Warm coat (suitable for weather)
- Footwear suitable for muddy field
- Torch (of the electric NON-flaming variety....)
Please meet IN UNIFORM in the school gym as usual.
Please collect from play-ground.
If there are any leaders/older scouts/parents who could volunteer to come 20 mins early to help me set up, then please let Harvey know!
30 March 2006
Creation Climbing Wall
Leadership Training Module
23 March 2006
PL's & YL's, please meet at School Gym at 7:30 for session run by Ed (to help you complete DofE).
16 March 2006
Ed's DofE team review Skills & Physical DofE sections.
Success night
9 March 2006
In the final episode of this Tri-part Triage extravaganza, Scout-a-medic teams will save the lives of everyone.
Disaster recovery
2 March 2006
Training for weaknesses in emergency 1st aid skills
Active fun stuff.
Disaster night
23 February 2006
YL's (i.e. injured casualties) set mock up of disaster.
Explorer & Scout teams attempt to save their lives....
No meeting
16 February 2006
Half term
Casualty simulation
9 February 2006
- Young Leaders learn casualty simulation for disaster nights.
- Explorers with Claire & James.
- Band workshop
Night excercises/hike
2 February 2006
Night excercise near park with:-
- PL's leading scout teams
- Explorers - night navigation instruction from James & Claire.
- YL training via observation.

Skiers to Ackers to practice for trip!
Presentation + DIY
26 January 2006
Lakes DofE team presentation: "Why we were determined to make our route 10 times as long as everyone elses".
Older Explorers = DIY skills.
Leaders of following week's hike teams revise navigation skills they'll be teaching!
Band workshop
Various 'excercises'
19 Jan 2006
Lakes DofE team presentation assessement, plus presentation skills training.
Other teams challenge each other to a circuit of creative 'excercises' for different parts of body.
And/or maybe somethign with Claire & James.
1st night back !
12 January 2006
Games night with various opportunitities to sort/plan forthcoming activities. Lakes DofE team finish preperation for presentation.
X-mas show
15 December 2005
Everyone invited to come and join the fun - music, sketches and photos. 7pm for Scouts to practice. 8:15pm for audience.
X-mas show rehearsal
8 December
The most entertaining part....
1 December 2005
7pm–9:30pm, Megazone, Westley Road, Acocks Green. Three games for £7 !! To guarantee a place, bring £7 to next Troop night (or give me in labled envelope). Or bring £7 in correct change on the night (but in the unlikely event that have more than 50, the last to arrive will be turned away.)
X-mas show planning
24 November 2005
Get ideas brewing for X-mas show (we want our own "band" to make the show rock this year!!)
DofE & skills
17 November
Explorers = skills training from James & Claire. Lakes DofE team rehearse presentation. Silver/Gold DofE = review/planning.
10 November 2005
Module A for every Young Leader who's not done it. Explorers = skills training.
Halloween Night
3 November 2005
Halloween games - organized by Young Leaders as trained on 20th!
Half term
27 October
No meeting.
Explorer Challenges + Young Leader Training
20 October
PL's & Young Leaders: Training Module - 'Game on'. Explorers: Team building challenges.
Cooking challenge & Steve Skills
13 October 2005
What can you cook with a BBQ and Barry's shopping? Plus older people = DIY with Steve.
Expedition presentation & games
6 October 2005
Canoests give talk on expedition. Lakes team sort skills/physical with Ed. Everyone else = outdoor games and then watch presentation inside - meet in playground behind 6th Form block, right hand end of school.
DofE presentation preparation
29 September 2005
Canoeing team rehearse, Lakes team brain dump.
Explorer Leaders' meeting
26 September 2005
Programme planning session for Explorers, DofE & Young Leaders.
Photo night
21 July 2005
Come and catch slide-show from all the latest camps & activities.
Rock & Pop Festival.
14 July 2005
Meet front of St Peter’s at 6:30pm. Collect 10pm. Bring £5. Uniform not required. BOOK WITH HARVEY BEFORE MIDNIGHT THUR 7TH JULY.
DofE expeditions
30 June 2005
Canoe expedition review with Trevor + Lakes expedition planning.
DofE expedition planning.
23 June
Expedition planning + training on route planning.
Incident hike
16 June
Brueton Park.
Sort scout patrols
9 June 2005
Meeting with Young Leaders to draw up new patrols for Troop:- PL's, APL's, scouts.
Troop night planning
2 June 2005
Young Leaders input appreciated!
BMW factory tour
Wed 1st June
See how the BMW engines are built from base components to finished product, touring both the machining operations and the assembly line of an ultra-modern factory. - Depart 6:30pm (to be confirmed). - Numbers limited to 12, Year 10 and above, first to book with Steve Hill will get places.
Wide game
26 May 2005
Ice Skating
19 May 2005
Ice Skating! Meet inside at 7:15pm, collection 9:40pm. Bring £3.50 in exact change, thick socks to wear in hired boots, gloves. Uniform not required.
Minworth Sewage Farm
12 May 2005
Visit to Minworth Sewage Farm. Meet Alderbrook at 6pm.
Mechanics / DofE
5 May 2005
Mechanics / DofE
28 April 2005
Car Mechanics
21 April 2005
Know what's under your bonnet when you take driving test!
14 April 2005
Planning this summer's expeditions.
Troop Night Planning meeting
7 April 2005
Meeting at School - can Young Leaders come to help get programme together?
24 March 2005
Bring coats and torches for a galactic challenge.
Wide game.
17 March 2005
Night Hike prep + DofE
10 March 2005
Navigation challenge, Night-hike route planning, and review progress of DofE objectives set on 3rd March.
DofE review session
3 March 2005
Dig out your record books, and let's see where everyone's got to, and get planning for this year.
24 February 2005
Don't PANIC if you need to stop someone dying - take a deep breath, and fingers on the pulse please .... Plus highlights of summer camp photos, and some daft games.
No meeting
17 February
Half term
10 February 2005
Or maybe playing in Hashim's paddling pool?
Ackers skiing
3 Feb 2005
Meet at 7pm at First Shirley Scout HQ with £5.
Teaching compass skills
27 January 2005
Pass on great wisdom and knowledge (and what you remembered the week before) to eager teams of scouts.
Prep for Navigation training
20 January 2005
Young leaders will be teaching compass skills following week - but how?
13 January 2005
Using only the blow-torch provided, get a pipe to smoke from lots of joints.
Christmas Party
Christmas Party preparation
Scout games
Implement module E with games for Troop night.
Gang Show
Meet Solihull Library Theatre 7:10 pm.
Leadership Training
Module E - Game On
Swimming gala selection
Meet Tudor Grange 6:30pm
Halloween Special
Scare the living daylights out of the Scout Troop in Clowes Wood ....
No meeting
Half Term
Westley Road, Acocks Green. Meet inside at 7:30pm. Collect at 9:15pm. Bring £4.
Leadership Training
Review Module A & discuss impact
District Young Leaders Module A
@ 1st Shirley Headquarters. Opportunity to meet fellow explorers/young leaders within the County and to understand the County approach to the Young Leader programme.
Troop Night + DofE
Implement Module B instructing Scouts. DoE review/planning for Silver/Gold
Leadership Training
Module B Leadership Styles & Skills
Something fishy
Outside on BBQ's

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